We will be opening up a new registration for families to register for this "session" of childcare.  Registration will open on Monday November 16th at 3:00 pm.   Registration will close on Wednesday November 18th. When you register your registration will be placed on a waiting list.  If we have enough staff and space we will then activate everyone's registration.  If we are not able to accommodate all registrations we will then prioritize them through critical worker statues.  


How will prioritizing work?
All registrations are time stamped when received.
We will first confirm registrations of families that qualify and are confirmed as critical workers
We then will confirm the remaining spots with the families that have registered using the registration time stamp

What families qualify for critical worker statues


If you are a two parent household both parents will need to be critical works and supply documentation.  If you are a single parent household then that one parent needs to be a critical worker and documentation will need to be provided.  In both scenarios Kids' Company needs to be your only option as no one is home to care for your child.   



Who are critical workers

Please use this link and see page 14 and for more specifics go to Appendix A


How do you get your critical worker statues confirmed with Kids' Company 
On or before you submit your registration for Kids' Company, you will need to email your documentation to Patty Karels at pkarels@isd110.org.
You must provide a letter from your employer stating your position and their contact information. During your registration you will be asked if you are claiming critical worker status.  Please understand that you will not receive these statues just by clicking the box.  You will need to submit your documentation to Patty no later then the day you submit your registration.  We will not be following up with families that click critical worker statues on their registration but do not turn in their documentation.  Once Patty receives your documentation she will confirm if you meet the criteria.  If you have already submitted your documentation from earlier registration you DO NOT need to resubmit.


Important Information:

Hours of care: 6:00 am - 6:15 pm


Location: Bayview Elementary


Kids' Company will provide your students with an opportunity to work on their distant learning while at Kids' Company.  Students will need to bring their device with any passwords needed to log in, headphones, and their distant learning schedule.



Confirmed critical workers:

6:00 am - 8:30 am - $10.00 per day

8:30 am - 2:30 pm - free

2:30 pm - 6:15 pm $17.00 per day


Families without critical workers:

Daily rate: - $45.00


Registration fees will be waived


To withdraw from this contract you will need to provide a two week notice.


If you do not attend on your registered day (even due to quarantining) you will still be responsible for payment


What to bring each day:

Two snacks, bag lunch, water bottle, outdoor clothes, and distant learning schedule, device, and headphones.


Common Questions


Who can register?

All families.  Our hope is to be able to confirm everyone's registration regardless of work statues.  If we are unable to we will then prioritize the registrations based off of critical care worker statues.


Where do I register?

Here is the registration link and steps for your Extended Distance Learning Registration: 




Choose the large yellow box “Online Registration”


Go Down to the Kids’ Company tab and choose “20-21 School Year Child Care”


Choose "Distance Learning Day”


Please read the information and scroll down to class: Ext Dist Learning (20/21 Extended Distance Learning) and click on the shopping cart.


Fill out the information and click on “next”.


You will be asked to “check out” however there is no charge to register.


What should I expect during distant learning time?

The KC staff are not licenced teachers or licenced special education staff.  They will provide opportunities for students to work on their distant learning.  You will need to provide our staff with a schedule so they know when the student should be attending  zoom calls.  You will also need to send a device and headphones with your student to KC to complete their distant learning along with any login information for that device.  The KC staff will also help as much as they can with questions your student may have during distant learning.  If your student receives special service from the district during learning time you may want to reach out to the special education department in regards to a plan that will help support your student during distant learning.  I know the special education department is working on a plan so you may want to give them a couple days before reaching out. 


How long does this session of KC go?

What you are registering for will begin on December 1st and last until this extended distant learning status is over.


What are my contract options for 20/21 Extended Distance Learning registration?
If your student is a preschooler your contract options are 2,3,4, or 5 day a week contracts.
If your student is K-6 your contract options are 3, 4, or 5 day a week contracts.

Do I get any comp days to use during the 20/21 Extended Distance Learning registration?
Each student will receive two comp days to use during this session.  Once you run out of comp days you will be responsible for your contract even if it is COVID related to why your student is absent.  If distant learning is extended past January 15th we will evaluate if additional comp days will be alloted.  Comp days do not roll over into other sessions.  So if you have any comp days left when this session is over they will be removed from your contract.  


Who do I contact with questions?

Kids' Company Supervisor: Jenny Merritt