Q. Will there be an open house at the Middle School?

A. 6th Grade with last names A-K Tuesday, September 1st, 4:30-6:30

6th Grade with last names L-Z Wednesday, September 2nd, 4:30-6:30

7th and 8th Grade Families New to ISD 110 Thursday, September 3rd, 4:30-6:30

Open House Goals:

Building Self Tours and Exploration

Discovery of classroom locations based on their individual schedules

Locate common spaces (commons, lunch area, gyms, auditorium, main office, nurse, music suites, etc. )

Face-to-Face Meet and Greet with all or most teachers

Open House Expectations:

At home COVID screening prior to coming on-site

Masks Required.

Social Distancing Expectations of 6 Ft.

Recommend 1 Adult parent/guardian and no siblings to minimize people on-site. (understandable this may not work for some and it should not prevent attendance)

Adhere to coming on the assigned night as much as possible.

Questions on building safety protocols should be done through electronic means on the website or through email after reviewing published protocols and answers to common questions on the ISD 110 website.    

What Open House Is Not:

There will not be time to have a lengthy conference with teachers.

There will not be locker combination practice- students will not have assigned lockers.

Parents will not be purchasing PE uniforms for 6th grade- 6th grade will not be changing for PE

Parents will not be completing forms and paying fees. They are or will be all online.


Q. What will the first week look like at the Middle School for 7th and 8th graders?

A. First week pattern for 7th and 8th grade hybrid learning students:

Tuesday, Sept. 8th- B Group Students (L-Z)

Wednesday, Sept. 9th- A Group Students (A-K)

Thursday, Sept. 10th- A Group Students (A-K)

Friday, Sept. 11- B Group Students (L-Z)

Brief Rationale:

Each group has two days with the four day week.

Each group will be able to attend "A" day and "B" day classes in the first week

B Group (L-Z) is typically Tuesdays and Fridays.


Q. Will 7th and 8th grade students be able to switch from an A rotation to a B rotation? 

A. All students will need to start the school year on their assigned days. If you want to switch days, you will need to contact your building principal in writing (email) with your request and the rational for the change. A list of requests will be kept and after we get into the school year, we will evaluate the requests. Depending upon the number of requests and how classes/programs are balanced, a request may be approved.


Q. Why did you set up the A/B rotation the way you did? Wouldn't it be better to go AA on Monday and Tuesday and BB on Thursday and Friday? 

A. We were concerned about the large break in seeing the students; there would be a five day break between seeing students in an AA-Wed-BB schedule. We also felt strongly that seeing students more regularly would help maintain a sense of schedule, accountability, and promote learning.  When we received the assurance that the building and public spaces could be cleaned and sanitized each day, we felt more confident in moving ahead with a plan that we felt was educationally more sound and could reduce the chance of students falling between the cracks.


Q. Do you have a date when a majority of the decisions will have been made? 

A. We are updating parents on the planning process weekly and we expect to have a majority of the initial protocols ready by August 24th. If the Covid-19 numbers in Carver County stay relatively consistent, ISD 110 will open the school year on September 8th in the models we have been communicating. Kindergarten starts on September 10th. 


Q. What happens when a student or staff tests positive for Covid-19? 

A. When we get notification of a positive COVID-19 case in either a student or staff member: 

  • The district will follow the recommendations of the MN Dept. of Health and Local Public Health  
  • Work with public health to communicate with families and staff in the school/building where there is a positive case
  • Work with public health to contact all students and/or staff who were in close contact with a person who has a confirmed case
  • Continue to monitor symptoms of students and staff
  • Send students and staff home if they become ill at school
  • Continue to provide important health information to families
  • Conduct additional cleaning

The district will not provide personally identifiable information of an infected person or immediately close schools for one case, but will work with public health to conduct case investigation, surveillance and safety and health guidance.


Q. Will the district be offering Covid-19 testing? 

A. At this time, we do not anticipate conducting testing, however, we will work with public health around the area of testing. 


Q. How will A/B students be split? 

A. For students in grades 7-12, students will be divided A-K and L-Z. A-K students will be on campus Monday and Thursday. L-Z students will be on campus Tuesday and Friday. 


Q. What will the 6th grade model look like?

A. 6th grade students will be in small groups of 19-23 students and will move together throughout the day as much as possible. Groups may come into contact with other groups for some enrichment classes (choir, band, PLP) but that is being designed to be very limited. We have two 6th grade teams, Purple and Gold. There will be roughly 150 students (50% of total 6th grade class) on each team and the main goal will be to keep these groups separated - just as we are keeping our two groups in 7th and 8th grade separated. There are still details to work out and a full description of protocols and procedures will be shared when it is developed. 


Q. When will student schedules be released? 

A. Schedules will be released as soon as possible as some required adjustments have delayed the release. (posted 08/10)


Q. With the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year being moved by a week, will the school year be extended by a week in the spring?

A. The last day of school in the spring of 2021 has not changed. View Updated 2020-2021 Academic Calendar


Q. When will we be informed of bus assignments if our children will be riding the bus? 

A. Koch Bus is working on routing right now with information gathered in the recent parent survey. Their hope is to send bus information out on August 19th. They will then update people with changes after the first mailing. 


Q. How will locker assignments be handled? 

A. We are not planning on assigning lockers. We will be asking students to keep everything they need in a backpack. This is meant to prevent congregating of students and also limit the amount of items that are touched. 


Q. What will you be using to clean the schools?

A. We are using a Hillyard product called "Non-Acid Restroom Disinfectant/Cleaner 19". This is very effective against the Covid-19 virus. We will use the same product to mist the rooms. Learn more about Non-Acid Restroom Disinfectant/Cleaner 19


Q. What will distance learning look hybrid learning days look like? 

A. It will vary and this is a continual work in progress. Lessons can and will be recorded and posted for at home students to watch but they most likely will not be live. Live streaming has barriers. We will create times in the say to be synchronous and host defined office hours. 


Q. What happens if a student or staff gets something other than Covid?

A. We will follow the Minnesota Department of Health's Exclusionary Guidelines. If a student receives a medical diagnosis other than Covid-19, such as strep throat, the district will follow the exclusionary guidelines for that specific diagnosis. View MDH Decision Tree


Q. How will social distancing work with recess?

A. Recess is outdoors and will provide necessary space to spread out. Also, outdoor recess is always optional. Masks will still be the requirement and safety regarding social distancing will be ensured through adult supervision. 


Q. What will special education look like for students? 

A. An outline is being developed for delivery of special education services in hybrid and distance learning models. When special education staff return to work, they will be communicating with individual families regarding the plan for their students. 


Q. Will students be using lockers? 

A. Students will not be assigned lockers and will be carrying materials in their backpacks. 


Q. What will lunch look like for 6th graders?

A. 6th grade lunch will be in two shifts and be safely spaced to give students enough room to eat.  


Q. Can 6th graders choose a hybrid model? 

A. The all day, every day, instruction is the hybrid version for 6th grade. 


Q. If lessons are recorded, how do students get help with lessons? 

A. Teachers will identify times in the day to be available to students. Those times will be communicated to students and families prior to the start of school. This will be a priority when staff return to work on August 24th. 


Q. How will lunch be distributed? 

A. Meals will be packaged in the main kitchen, then transferred to a serving line for grab ‘n go service - students will be instructed to social distance while going through the line, they will enter their personal identification number at the point of sale which will be sanitized between each student & the cashier will enter charges on the meal system.

Meals can be purchased for Distance Learning students. Purchase Distance Learning Meals

We will not be serving "hot" food in our to-go meals this fall. There are too many limitations on our ability to maintain the meal quality of a hot meal and meals will be cold or warm. All of which will fall into safe food handling practices. 


Q. Can students bring home lunches?

A. Students will be allowed to bring home lunches. 


Q. Will there be 6th grade band?

A. Yes. There will be 6th grade band. 


Q. Where can I find the supply list for Middle School?

A. Link to WMS 2020-2021 Supply List


Q. Do distance learning students need all the supplies from the supply list? 

A. The school supplies recommended would most likely be utilized on and off-site. There may be some items such as hand sanitizer, wipes and Kleenex for community use that do not need to be purchased. The recommendation would be to purchase the basics and then purchase additional items as needed.